Glacier Stories

“History, as nearly no one seems to know, is not merely something to be read. And it does not refer merely, or even principally, to the past. On the contrary, the great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us.”

James Baldwin

Stories from the past shared in hopes of inspiring a better future for us all.

Glacier Stories is a series of short videos of Mainers telling stories, songs, and poems about a moment or a place in Maine’s history that has special meaning to them. To show how long stories have been told here in Maine, we built a glacier out of used boat shrink wrap in Evelyn’s Tavern’s parking lot. The pandemic meant we had to postpone our fabulous musical theater performance – MAINEUSA: the history of Maine from the Ice Age till Now – but we still wanted to share the kind of history that doesn’t get written in books. So we asked 20 everyday Mainers to share an everyday story. And they did – funny, moving, shocking, scary, inspiring.

We are deeply grateful to the Maine Bicentennial Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town program, and our individual contributors for their generous support of Glacier Stories / MAINEUSA.

Welcome to Glacier Stories

We at Art At Work share these stories from the past in hopes of inspiring a better future for us all.

Storyteller: Ellen McKenzie

Pride – Part I
family stories: Maine from the 1800s to now

Pride – Part II
Portland’s Underground Railroad

Pride – Part III
two hundred years being Black in Maine

Storyteller: Mihku Paul

Land Acknowledgment for Maine
so many ways to love this place called Maine

Calling the Whales
Passamaquoddy drums & a churning sea

Psalms for Cetaceans
a beautiful prayer song for the whales

Storyteller: Claude Morgan

Ferry Village: Lost & Found
neighborhood stories from former Mayor and City Councilor

A Dark and Stormy Night
scary, mysterious, wet…a good Maine story

Storytellers: Kate and Sadie Weed

A Ghost, A Witch, A Legend
Maine has lots of good ghost stories

The Cove
a young girl looks and listens with memory and imagination

Storyteller: Lee Chisholm

Casco Bay Love Story
a love story with a twist you won’t forget

Sebago Lake
memories of a day from long ago as fresh as yesterday

Storyteller: Alain Igiraneza

From Home, To Home
a young boy from Burundi finds home on Cumberland Street

Read All About It, Pt. III
a perfect time to sit down and listen

Storyteller: Peter Weed

Driving to Blue Hill After a Heavy Snow
there are more than just two Maines

Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge
tragedy, understanding, and a bridge

Blizzard & Among the Islands
a working man’s ocean,
where weather can mean life or death

Whale Watch
 the swell of the ocean,
the threat of Nor’easterlies

centuries-old family roots reveal layers of connection and betrayal

Storyteller: Maya French

Eggemoggin Reach
skiffs, seals, and spruce trees

Tooth Fairy Jig
to many of us, ‘Maine’ means ‘fiddling’

Storyteller: Michael Shaughnessy

Chief Polin, Abenaki
an Abenaki leader fights for the river he belongs to

Presumpscot Stories
falling in love with a river

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“The destiny of the world is determined less by battles that are lost and won
than by the stories the world believes in.
– Harold Goddard